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Running & Shin Splints

Kare Clinic Chiropractic is the leading chiropractic clinic in Grand Prairie that can treat the pain you suffer from. If you are impaired by shin splints or ant other disorders that cause you pain, Kare Clinic can help you.

Faulty posture, poor shoes, fallen arches, insufficient warm-up, muscle fatigue, exercising on unyielding surfaces or poor running mechanics can all be a cause of shin splints. If you feel pain or discomfort on the front, the inside and/or the outside surface of the shin bone or directly on the shin bone, you most likely suffer from shin splints.

Kare Clinic can help alleviate your pain associated with shin splints. After a thorough chiropractic evaluation, our chiropractors will encourage you to follow a program of rehabilitation exercises to help strengthen the injured area, improve flexibility and prevent recurrence of the problem.