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Digital X-ray Diagnostics


Kare Chiropractic Clinics in both Grand Prairie and Fort Worth offer digital x-ray diagnostic solutions over the traditional analog imaging for many reasons. First digital x-ray allows our clinics to have immediate results for your diagnostic exam. Unlike many of our chiropractic competitors, our chiropractors will not have to refer you across the city to take necessary x-rays. Second, the quality of our imaging system allows for a more accuratie diagnosis of your spinal disorder. A more accurate diagnosis means better, more reliable, treatment options.

Probably the most important reason why we have the latest in digital x-ray technology available to our patients, quicker results equals quicker treatment and leads to faster recovery. We always keep our patients in the top spot when it comes to outfitting our clinics with the best diagnostic equipment.

If you are suffering from a spinal disorder and want a thurough diagnostic exam, trust the chiropractors at Kare Clinic Chiropractic and their state-of-the-art digital x-ray equipment. Call us today for our next available appointment.

At Kare Clinic in Grand Prairie, TX and Kare Chiropractic in Fort Worth, TX, our doctors use the most advanced and high tech X-rays to help treat our patients in the best and most effective way possible. If you’ve been in an accident or have any fractured injury we use the latest and high quality to shoot our X-rays so we can help treat your injury.

At Kare Clinic and Kare Chiropractic we use ImaSight X-rays which are the latest and high end X-rays and help provide the quality service that meet the patients’ needs and expectations. With this technology our doctors are able to see these digital X-rays in high quality, and we can see how we can fix the injury or pain in the best way. Although chiropractors are not required to be using X-rays we want to help our patients feel better and we want to assure our patients that they are getting the care they need. Our doctors use X-rays if our patient has significant traumatic injury, as a bone may be broken or dislocated due to sports injuries or auto accident injuries. We want our patients to be cared for with the best technology and the best techniques.

If you or anyone you know has had a sports injury or has been hurt in their job, auto accident, or even if they have significant pain don’t hesitate to call now to one of our clinics which are located in Grand Prairie, TX and Fort Worth, TX. Don’t let the pain get worse, call now, get treated, and feel better. At Kare Clinic we care. Your trusted chiropractic team.