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Occupational Rehab Therapy

At Kare Clinic Chiropractic & Rehabilitation of Grand Prairie and Fort Worth, our Chiropractors focus on helping patients who have been injured on the job return back to work safely and with maximum functional performance while performing their job. Occupational Rehabilitation is aimed toward correcting improper work habits which are the cause of repeated work related accidents and injury.

Our Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine practice a rehabilitative approach that involves not only teaching the patient about performing their work duties safely, but focuses on the importance of proper body mechanics and ergonomics while performing daily job duties.

Kare Clinic and Kare Chiropractic Treatments

Athletic Injuries

What kind of athletic injuries are there?

The most common sports injuries are plantar fascitis which is caused by a lot of running and/or sprinting or it can be caused by simply being on your feet, ankle sprains which is usually caused by when it is turned during a physical activity, other injuries can also include any pulls, low back pain, or elbow pain.

What to do right after the incident and how can you treat these kinds of injuries?

A few things you can expect from an athletic injury is immediate pain, swelling, bruising, and you can also be sensitive to movement or tender to touch. A way you can treat your injury is by resting, icing, and compressing. Resting is the most effective way to start the healing process, take a break from moving and let your injury heal. Icing will help relieve pain and will reduce the swelling by decreasing blood flow to the area, to prevent frostbite never place the ice directly on your bare skin. Instead, wrap it in a towel or cloth before applying it on the injury. Compressing can help reduce swelling and can help ease pain, keep in mind tight compression isn’t always the best, gentle compression can help keep fluid from collecting around the injury.

How can Kare Clinic/ Kare Chiropractic help treat your athletic injury?

At each of our Kare Clinic facilities at Grand Prairie, TX and Fort Worth, TX our chiropractic approach towards athletic injuries is that every athlete regardless of skill level is better served by having the sports injury promptly and ably treated, thereby obtaining recovery before irreparable damage is done. Not only do our chiropractors treat the specific injury but we also teach our athletic injury patients how to better protect themselves from repeating the injury by means of proper exercise and stretching techniques. Our qualified and trained doctors provide effective and affordable chiropractic service, we use high-tech tools and patient specific chiropractic techniques. If you or someone you know has an athletic injury don’t hesitate to call and schedule your appointment, don’t wait until the injury gets worse, call now and feel better.