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Football Knee and Ankle Injuries

Our chiropractors at Kare Clinic are highly trained in treating numerous knee and ankle injuries that can occur when football players are, running, jumping, and tackling. All of these moves put a great deal of pressure on the knee, causing it to swell or become dislocated.

Knee injuries come in a variety of types. Very frequently, we see injuries to the ACL, or MCL, or both. In addition, meniscus tears are quite frequent with either of those types of injury (especially ACL tears.

Ankle sprains are graded 1-3, based on severity. The less severe sprains are often easily managed and athletes can return to play within several days to weeks. Football players can also sustain “high ankle sprains”, also referred to as “syndesmotic sprains”; these are more severe and require casting for a short period of time.

If you suffer from knee and/or ankle injuries, call Kare Clinic today. Our chiropractors can help treat your injury and also help strengthen you knee or ankle so that it is much less likely for the injury to reoccur.